Audio Installation

What kind of sound system do you need? The audio installation we perform at your location will be specific to your space.

There are several things to take into account. For example…

Will your system be mounted permanently, or do you need it to be portable?

Depending on your needs, system portability may be an issue. Do you need to bring audio equipment outside from time to time, or do you need to move from room to room in your building? These are important questions to be addressed during your consultation and system design.

What shape is the room, and how big is it?

Ideally, sound will be directed toward your audience. Whether that is parishioners in pews, diners at tables, or an audience in seats, speakers will need to be mounted in a way to maximize the sound profile of your space.

What are you amplifying?

Does your house of worship need amplification for the speaker, or a sound system for a full band? Will you be piping music and announcements through an office building or restaurant? Are you looking for a large sound system for a concert or theatre venue? These things drastically impact what equipment will be best suited for you.

Who will be running sound?

Whether you have a volunteer or a trained audio engineer running sound for your space will help us determine the right equipment as well.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and get your audio installation going. Together we can determine the best equipment to maximize the sound in your space.

A pair of sound boards from an audio installation