Lighting Installation

Whether it’s a house of worship, a conference room, a restaurant, or any of myriad other spaces, a good lighting installation is key to achieving the desired mood of a room. Sure, you could install some can lights and sconces and call it a day, but eventually you will end up calling a professional team to install a custom designed lighting system. Your space—and your guests—deserve it.

To properly design a lighting system we consider the shape of the room, height of the ceiling, textures within the space, and how you will most commonly be using the area. We will also discuss with you the different qualities of light and how each will or will not be used for your application.


This is the color of the light that is reflected at the viewer.


This refers to how much light is being reflected by the speaker, lectern, plants, and anything else in the space.


The softness of the light will determine whether the shadow cast will have soft or hard edges.


Whether your lighting is clear or diffused determines the texture of the lighting.


Do you need to light the entire space or have a spot on the speaker or performers?


The direction of the light affects where shadows are and aren’t cast. This will have a stunning impact on the overall look of your space.


Many lights can move to follow the speaker or speakers

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation for your new or upgraded lighting installation. Together we can determine the best equipment to maximize the sound in your space.